"Extremely professional. I Have recommended B2 to several colleagues at other Academies." ~ Amanda Hall SBM

Onsite Asset Discovery Service

Carried out by our experienced auditors

The final part of the ecosystem is our onsite asset discovery service, carried out by one of our trained, DBS certified auditors. The exact nature and detail of the discovery service can be discussed and scaled to suit your specific requirements prior to the visit.

It will take one of our auditors approximately 1-2 days to carry out the discovery process, depending on the size of the site. All items over £50 in value will be recorded and where applicable serial numbers, manufacturer, model and description will also be provided.

Our auditors are also able to barcode label assets, using our own barcoded security labels or another supplier.

Our Onsite Asset Discovery Service Includes

Complete asset list including all items over the value of £50

Recording of additional data, including; manufacturer, model, serial number and cost

Optional barcoding of high value items using our security labels

Audit carried out by qualified, DBS certified B2 personnel

Optional images of each room and high value items

Short training session with staff after the audit has been completed